Bocuse d'Or Academy Australia

Australia has proudly participated in the Bocuse d’Or for over 30 years with the support of the culinary community and generous sponsors.

Established in early 2013, the Bocuse d’Or Academy Australia aspires to raise national awareness of the competition, while building a sustainable community of chefs and garnering support for the Australian teams.

The Academy is devoted to inspiring culinary excellence in professionals, while preserving the traditions and quality of classic cuisine in Australia. Our aim is to continually seek integrity and innovation in the culinary arts, as well as facilitate initiatives that will maintain the prestige of the Bocuse d’Or competition.

Above: Past and present members of the Bocuse d’Or Academy Australia.
L-R Tara Bishop, Deepak Mishra, Mark Weatherley, Philippe Mouchel, Tom Milligan, Karen Inge, Alex McIntosh, Michael Cole, Scott Pickett, Laura Skvor, Tim Collett, Peter Cairns, Mark Agius and Stephane Le Grand. 

The Road to Lyon

Australia’s Road to Lyon was sadly interrupted – as were so many things – by the global pandemic in 2020-1.

We are now focused on selecting our next Australian Chef at the Bocuse d’Or Australia 2021, being held at Foodservice Australia on Sunday 27 February 2022.

The winner will compete in the Bocuse d’Or Asia Pacific 2022, and if placed in the top five will head to Lyon in January 2023 for the Bocuse d’Or Grand Final. Come join us on our journey!